The values

Company vision

For over sixty years, BERTI Macchine Agricole has been run by the family and people who, with a traditional, ethical and innovative approach, bring specialised agricultural machinery to the Italian and international market. The machinery has been specifically developed for the maintenance and professional clearing of green areas in cities, forests and on farms. High-quality products and services plus reliability to “make the impossible possible” to customers around the world.

Company mission

To work with energy, trust, a spirit of collaboration and responsibility alongside highly skilled people, with the determination to contribute towards the dream of the founders’ family and offer the reliability of a range of traditional, yet increasingly innovative machines, thanks to cutting-edge industry 4.0 production processes, top-quality raw materials and professional suppliers, distributors and importers.

Company mission, our declaration as a team

«Collaboriamo tra di noi ogni giorno, con energia, etica e responsabilità, come una grande famiglia per migliorarci e innovarci al fine di affrontare con fiducia le sfide del futuro ed essere leader nel nostro mercato.»

Our guiding values

Principles which must guide our conduct. We believe, therefore, that it is important to undertake to uphold them.

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