New KX: compact size, extraordinary power.

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our product range: the KX forestry mulcher for tractors with 60 to 110 HP. This innovative machine will prove to be an indispensable ally for anyone managing large green areas or wooded zones, providing an efficient solution for shredding branches, shrubs, and plants up to 15 cm in diameter. Let’s take a closer look at its exceptional features and how it can simplify your work.

The forestry mulcher is designed to adapt to tractors with a power range of 60 to 110 HP, offering a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of operators. Its significant power and structural strength enable it to easily tackle the most demanding tasks, whether it’s clearing wooded areas, uncultivated land, or shredding plant residues; this mulcher will prove reliable in any context.

nb Smooth Cut KX (2)

What truly sets this forestry mulcher apart is its ability to shred sizable branches, shrubs, and plants. Thanks to the Berti “XF2” fixed hammer, it can effortlessly handle vegetation up to 15 cm in diameter. The machine efficiently grinds the material, ensuring rapid decomposition and minimizing waste. This frees up space and facilitates the cleaning of green areas, allowing for excellent green maintenance.


KX is designed with the operator in mind. The machine is equipped with robust protections to ensure maximum safety during use, reducing the risk of accidents and safeguarding the operator from flying splinters or debris.

We understand how important it is for farmers and green industry professionals to have reliable and durable equipment. The KX forestry mulcher is built with high-quality materials and durable HARDOX components, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Additionally, maintenance is simple and requires little effort, thanks to easy access to main parts and intelligent design that facilitates cleaning and periodic maintenance operations.