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Privacy Policy, as required under Italian law (Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003).

Dear Sir or Madam,
Please find below, as required by Article 13, paragraph 1, of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/03, our policy regarding:

  1. Purposes for, and means through which your personal information will be processed;
    1. Your personal information shall be requested and processed for human-resource purposes;
    2. Personal information is and shall be processed in an authorized manner, abiding by the principles of due care and privacy, in full compliance with Legislative Decree 196/03. Such processing may take place in paper or electronic form.
    3. Personal information shall be processed for two years, beginning on the date sent.
    4. The data are obtained from you directly, from your CV or resume, or as obtained via job-search databases.
  2. Optional and mandatory submission of personal information;
    1. Data submission for purposes of paragraph a.1 is optional.
  3. Consequences of a refusal to respond
    1. A failure to consent to data processing for purposes of paragraph a.1 shall oblige us to erase your CV or resume.
  4. Entities, or categories of entities, to whom personal data may be disclosed, or who might have access to the same because of their role as managers or contractors; the environment in which data is disclosed
    1. Your data shall note be “disseminated;” that is, it shall not be made available to unknown subjects in any way, including by making them available for perusal or consultation.
    2. On the other hand, your information may be “disclosed;” that is, shared with one or more specific entities, within the following limits:
      - To persons within our company who have been tasked with processing your data per the D.S.P. (Data Security Policy);
      - To our holding companies, parent companies, or associated companies.
  5. Rights under Article 7

Art. 7. Right of access to personal information, and other rights

  1. The Data Subject has the right to confirm the existence of personal information involving the Subject – even if these have not yet been registered – and to have them communicated to him/her in an intelligible format.
  2. The Data Subject has the right to know the:
    1. Source of the personal information;
    2. Purposes and means of data processing;
    3. Logic applied to the same, where data processing occurs using electronic means;
    4. Identifying information for the Data Processor, Compliance Officers, or Data Protection Authorities designated pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2;
    5. Entities or categories of entities to which personal data may be disclosed, or who may have access to the data in their roles as Data Protection Authorities, Compliance Officers, or data processors.
  3. The Data Subject has the right to:
    1. Update, correct, and should he/she choose, supplement his/her data;
    2. Erase, convert into an anonymous format, or block any illegally obtained processed data, including those whose retention is unnecessary given the stated purposes for which the data was collected and subsequently processed;
    3. A certification that the operations listed in the preceding points a) and b) have been vicariously performed (including with regards to their content) by those to whom the data were disclosed or divulged, except where such action would prove impossible or where the effort required would be so disproportionate to the protected right as to place an undue burden on the processor.
  4. The Data Subject has the right to object, in whole or in part:
    1. To the processing of his/her personal data for valid reasons, including those related to the purposes for which they were collected;
    2. To the processing of his/her personal data when used to send promotional material, direct-sales marketing material, or to carry out market research and advertising.
Data Controller is BERTI MACCHINE AGRICOLE SPA with registered offices at Via Musi, 1/A-3-4 - 37042 Caldiero (VR)-Italy; Tel. (+39) 045 6139711 - Fax (+39) 045 6150251- email: info@bertima.it

pursuant to art. 23 Legislative Decree 196/2003
The undersigned, having been provided information pursuant to Article 13, and aware of his/her rights under Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/03, herewith states that the attached cv/resume does not contain any sensitive information, and with regards to all points above consents to my personal information being processed according to the instant informational sheet.
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